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Providing More For Less

We believe more of your money should go into your project, where it is needed, instead of going to pay for unnecessary layers of management or other excesses that are sometimes found in other construction companies. In fact, as good companies do, we have intentionally structured our company to operate lean and efficient, allowing us to help each of our clients have more of what they want included in their project.

We also believe a client can have both lower cost and greater value. Even when we elect to compete for, and usually win, projects that are awarded to the lowest bidder, our clients and our clients’ architects have commented that we still provide the high level of service normally found only in projects in which a contractor is chosen through a negotiated selection process.

If you think more of your construction funding should actually go into the building you want to construct, you will find in East Harding a construction company that thinks like you.

That is East Harding Construction. Providing more for less.