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Sustainable Approach (USGBC)

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The U. S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Green Building Initiative (GBI/Green Globes) are leading the sustainable building movement, which focuses on the intentional use of renewable materials, healthy design and construction methods, and high-efficiency systems.

Sustainable design and construction bring into consideration a whole set of additional criteria, including site location, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources and indoor environmental quality.

The potential benefits are higher efficiency lighting and HVAC systems, lower utility bills, lower maintenance costs, improved indoor air quality, plus improved employee health and productivity, etc.

East Harding incorporates these sustainable criteria into every project, and have developed a reputation and an identity as the construction company to trust for complex renovations of all types.

We believe your project is more than a building, it is a place to experience life.

And best of all: you do not have to be LEED or Green Globe-accredited to benefit from our experience and sustainable designs.

That is Client Focused.
That is East Harding.