The EHC Team

The EHC Team

The East Harding Construction team

gathered on Friday for our team meeting & enjoyed a delicious lunch while listening to guest speaker Joe Morgan, Safety & Training Manager at AGC.

Patrick Booth, Superintendent-EHC

demonstrated as Mr. Morgan spoke on the Silica Standard from OSHA.

Silica is the dust

that comes from concrete during demolition/removal of concrete.

OSHA has released guidelines,

known as the Silica Standard, on how to protect workers during this process.

Safety is East Harding's TOP Priority!

We continuously strive to educate our staff & implement new safety measures to ensure minimal risk to workers & our clients.

Working together,

we can maintain our excellent safety record for years to come.

Watson Chapel High School

Watson Chapel High School

Watson Chapel's New Driveway

East Harding Construction completes the new driveway for Watson Chapel High School.

The semicircle driveway

in front of the campus provides a new level of safety for the students.

The driveway created a new access

to an entrance near the front office for visitors/parents to check in without using the back gates.

The back gates can now be locked

during school hours and reduce the risk of unauthorized entrance onto school grounds and into the building.

East Harding Construction

is proud to have been a part of ensuring the safety of Watson Chapel High School’s students.