Versus Reactive Safety Approach

Many of the safety rules and procedures that are in place were “written in blood”, meaning they came about from a previous incident that caused an injury, property loss incident, or a fatality.

When we implement a safeguard

after an incident occurs we are taking a reactive approach to safety. We can look at the majority of rules and procedures that we follow today as a proactive approach towards safety, however many of them came from a reactive position.

Something bad

had to happen first before many of the rules and procedures were put into place.

Being proactive

is the best way to approach safety in the workplace. Addressing and eliminating hazards before work begins.

Many workers in some companies would rather take a reactive approach with some hazards rather than being proactive and eliminating them up front. This mindset puts everyone onsite and the company as a whole at risk for an incident or injury.



  -Keith Broadway
Safety Director-East Harding Construction