CM/GC, General Contractor Services & Design Build

all using our proven “Single Source of Accountability”

East Harding Construction offers professional Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) services, General Contractor (GC) services and Design-Build (DB) services for new construction and renovations throughout Arkansas.

East Harding does not have multiple departments and layers of management that cost you money.  Instead, we operate a lean, efficient and low overhead business model that saves you money.  We believe that your Estimator should also be your Project Manager.  This “Single Source of Accountability” means that you have one point of contact at East Harding, your Estimator/Project Manager, that knows you, your project and your cost from concept to completion.  We like accountability.

Construction Management/

General Contractor (CM/GC) Services

East Harding Construction understands that construction is the implementation of a great plan developed by an informed team of owner, architect, engineers, construction manager, and subcontractors in the critical pre-construction phase.

During Pre-Construction, East Harding works diligently to understand and clarify your goals in relation to design, engineering and constructability.  Our “Single Source of Accountability” provides regular cost updates during design to sure that your project is designed to not exceed your budget.

Communication and documentation are key, with weekly team meetings during pre-construction and construction, subcontractor progress meetings and owner meetings.

Each East Harding Site Superintendent is equipped with a laptop computer and cell phone.  Daily logs, progress reports, a three-week “Pull Schedule” within our Lean Master Schedule, and progress photographs will be provided to you throughout the construction phase, so you always have updated information on which to base your decisions.

General Contractor Services

There is no “one size fits all” method to construction delivery. Each project faces a unique and often complex set of circumstances. East Harding offers professional construction services through a variety of contracting methods, about 30% of our projects are delivered using the lump sum bid (or “hard bid”) delivery method.  Our success at earning and delivering on every milestone of a lump sum bid project means that we deliver more value to our client for less money than our competitors.

East Harding Construction typically becomes involved as architectural plans are more complete.  As a result, we have less involvement in the pre-construction phase of planning and design. Our Goal is to ensure that the scope of architectural and engineering plans are complete, fully integrated and addressed through the subcontractor team.  East Harding Construction establishes an aggressive schedule and manages the project efficiently through completion.

Before we ask a potential client to consider us for a project, we ask ourselves if we are certain we can provide not just an adequate, but an uncommon level of attention to our clients and to their total satisfaction. It is only when we are completely confident we can do so that we will ask a client to entrust their project to us.


Often our clients only want to have one prime contract for their project or long-term relationship.  As a result, East Harding Construction has become an experienced Design-Builder that is comfortable having the architectural and engineering teams under our prime owner contract.  This contractual arrangement makes East Harding responsible for design, engineering and construction.  This means that we better get it right.  So we do.


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