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Infectious Disease Action Plan

East Harding Construction (EHC) is concerned about the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, consultants, suppliers, clients and the general public. In response to the World Health Organization’s declaration that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is a global pandemic, EHC is implementing our emergency Infectious Disease Action Plan to best protect our employees and project teams during the COVID-19 outbreak. At the same time, we want to ensure continuity of operations to the best of our ability. This plan is subject to change by EHC Management at any time for any reason.

EHC Management:             Shawn Carroll, SVP-Operations. 501.680.2813 (m)
EHC Management:             Nathan Kerr, Manager-Field Operations/Safety Director 501.680.5624 (m)
President & CEO:              Van Tilbury. 501.944.1630 (m).
Media Spokespersons:     Van Tilbury; Nathan Kerr

We have broken our Action Plan into three stages:
Stage 1:       Prevention, Symptoms, Testing & Treatment
Stage 2:       Remote Work
Stage 3:       Quarantine

Stage 1 Plan – Prevention, Symptoms, Testing and Treatment
In an effort to prevent the spread of this disease and to keep you and those around you protected from exposure, follow these guidelines:

Prevention – Individual Responsibility
• Respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene.

• Wash your hands often.

• Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth.

• Cover mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing using the crook of your elbow. Not your hand.

• Maintain a social distance of at least 6-feet from another person whenever possible. Do not participate in a           meeting of more than 10 people.

Prevention – Office & Field Responsibility</strong
•Clean commonly touched surfaces regularly.

• Disinfecting wipes will be located in the breakroom, conference room, bathrooms, at the front desk and at all jobsite offices.

• All chair arms and tables should be wiped down after every meeting. If you are the one reserving a meeting room, then it’s your responsibility to wipe it down after each use.

• At the end of each day, wipe down your work area (keyboard, phone, mouse, desk surface, chair) and use disinfectant spray on door handles, as applicable.

• Insure that hand sanitation areas are available on your jobsite through either a hand wash station or hand sanitizer.

• Wipe down highly touched areas like stair handrails and doorknobs at least daily.

• EHC is requiring all subcontractors to provide EHC with their company-issued COVID-19 Action Plan that must include a mandatory notification to the EHC Site Superintendent of any employee that has been sent home due to suspected illness or has been diagnosed as presumptive positive for the COVID–19 virus. The subcontractor must provide you a copy of their plan.

• At any time when a new subcontractor is preparing to mobilize onto your site, their representative must sign EHC’s “COVID-19 Social Responsibility Form” and submit that to the Project Manager or Site Superintendent before work begins. A copy of the subcontractor’s COVID-19 Action Plan is also required before work begins.

• The EHC Site Superintendent must get a written list every day from every subcontractor naming each of                subcontractor’s employee working on-site so that EHC has a record in the event notifications are required.

• The EHC office will keep a written record of every person, including company name, that enters the office every day so that EHC has a record in the event notifications are required.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that the symptoms of COVID-19 are: fever, cough and shortness of breath. It could take up to 14-days for these symptoms to become apparent in a person. Not all symptoms may become apparent.

In comparison, the symptoms of seasonal allergies are most commonly: runny nose, watery eyes, itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing. Fever is not typical with seasonal allergies. The symptoms of the flu are most commonly: fever, chills, muscle aches, cough, congestion, runny nose, headaches and fatigue. Shortness of breath is not typical with the flu.

Testing & Treatment
If you or someone in your household is experiencing symptoms related to this COVID-19 outbreak or if you have been directly exposed to someone who has been tested with a presumed positive result for exposure, it is your responsibility to self-report to EHC Management and to the EHC Health & Safety Director.

• If you are experiencing symptoms at work, GO HOME. Do not risk exposing others. Self-report to EHC.

• If you or a family/household member are experiencing symptoms, STAY HOME. Do not come to work. Self-report to EHC.

• If you need to stay home with a household member due to a school closing or other quarantine, notify Management and work remotely from home. If you do not notify Management for approval, your time out of the office will be considered PTO.

• When you self-report, you will be instructed to be screened by a healthcare professional for possible COVID-19 infection per CDC guidelines.

• You must follow the directions you received from your healthcare professional regarding any needed testing or self-quarantine.

• You must report your results and your status to Management.

• Travel for work purposes is prohibited.

• Attendance at large meetings of people should be avoided. The CDC’s maximum recommended meeting size at this time is ten (10) people. Meet remotely whenever possible using a conference call or “Go To Meeting” that can be set up by EHC office.

• You will be allowed to return to work after you have been cleared in writing by your healthcare professional.

• You may not return to work without prior approval of Management.

Stage 2 Plan – Remote Work
Upon decision by EHC Management, the following plan will be implemented:

• Everyone but essential personnel will be instructed to work from home. Essential personnel have been previously identified; unless you are contacted by a member of Management, you may assume you should work from home.

• Project Managers must be hyper-vigilant in monitoring the performance of their team. We do not want to abuse our Action Plan and any employee who does will be subject to disciplinary action.

• Regular pay practices by direct deposit will be continued for all employees who work from home during Stage 2 of our Action Plan.

• All travel for Company purposes may be suspended.

•Select or all jobsites may be shut down for a period of time.

•The Remote Work plan will stay in place until further notification by EHC Management.

Stage 3 Plan – Quarantine
Upon a decision by Management, a client or a federal, state or local mandate, it may become necessary to quarantine individuals, our office or a jobsite(s) due to exposure. Quarantine will be required if any jobsite or EHC facility has been exposed to a person testing positive or presumed positive for exposure to the Covid-19 virus.

Quarantine – Individual
In the event an employee is directly exposed to the virus or is working on a project that has been quarantined, this individual will be directed to go home immediately.

• Notify the EHC Health & Safety Director and EHC Management. You will be given direction regarding screening/testing and screening/testing locations.

• You must follow all directions received from your healthcare provider regarding any need for testing.

• You will be instructed to self-quarantine at home for a minimum of 14 days per CDC guidelines.

• You will not be allowed to return to work without written clearance by a healthcare professional.

• You will not be allowed to return to work without the approval of EHC Management.

• If you are required to self-quarantine at home due to a jobsite/office quarantine or possible direct exposure, you will be compensated for your time away from work.

• If you are away from work due to illness resulting from other than workplace exposure, this will be treated according to the EHC sick leave policy.

• If you are quarantined at home or away from your jobsite and are still receiving compensation, you will be expected to make use of this time for training, education and other opportunities to be productive. Each employee’s situation is unique and appropriate work/training opportunities will be determined by Management.

Quarantine – Office or Jobsite
• It is the responsibility of every employee to report any known exposure to EHC Management and to the EHC Health & Safety Director immediately.

• Any decision regarding quarantine will be made by EHC Management.

• All cases of quarantine will result in a jobsite or office being closed for a minimum of 14 days per CDC guidelines.

• No jobsite or the office will be reopened without direct approval of EHC Management.

• EHC Management will notify all affected subs, suppliers, design team, Inspectors, Owners and their representatives and any other individuals and companies regarding this quarantine and any suspected exposure.

Jobsite Exposure Control Procedure
As in the case of other jobsite risks, East Harding Superintendents and Project Managers are expected to be proactive in protecting the health and safety of everyone on the jobsite. Preventing the spread of a highly contagious infectious disease is an individual and team responsibility. It is important that we follow these guidelines closely:

• Lock your office or trailer door. Only meet in person as required.

• Communicate by phone with your subcontractors and consultants whenever possible.

• Conduct subcontractor meetings in the largest room on your jobsite, not in your office or trailer with everyone sitting in close proximity.

•Stop work on your job every hour and have everyone use your hand wash or sanitizing station. No exceptions.

• Reduce your workforce on-site if possible. Coordinate with EHC Management and your subcontractors to reduce the size/number of each crew and request their commitment to dedicate that crew to your jobsite only to minimize or eliminate subcontractors moving their crews from job-to-job.

• Isolate crews on your job site by area or by floor if possible. Keep crew size in any work area to 10 people or less when possible. Try to stage work by trade to specific areas on your jobsite to restrict individual travel across your jobsite during the day.

• Communicate and let your subcontractors know the reason behind your action.

• If the Superintendent/Project Manager notices someone on site that has visible symptoms of illness, the Superintendent/Project Manager needs to speak with that person and his/her on-site supervisor.

• If the Superintendent/Project Manager determines there is cause for concern, he/she will discreetly ask the person to leave the jobsite and recommend they be screened for exposure to the virus. He/she will share with that person resources regarding screening/testing locations as provided by EHC Health & Safety Director.

• The Superintendent/Project Manager will notify EHC Management and our Health & Safety Director.

• Superintendent/Project Manager will maintain all required privacy during this process.

• All further decisions in this matter will be made by EHC Management.

The Superintendent/Project Manager will NOT do the following:
• Make any determination regarding jobsite closure or quarantine. Work will proceed as usual until notified otherwise.

• Make any statement whatsoever to workers on the jobsite as to why someone left.

• Make any statement to the media regarding this matter.

• Perform any action contrary to direction received from EHC Management

EHC Management will then do the following:
• Contact management of suspected employee’s company to confirm that the employee has been asked to leave the project and why. They will be informed that this person will not be allowed back on site until they have been cleared in writing by a healthcare professional.

• Determine if more or all employees of this company are be required to temporarily leave the project during screening and testing of the employee showing symptoms.

• Request that any screening/testing results be shared with Management by the employee’s company.

• Determine the length of time that person with suspected exposure has been working on this and other EHC jobsites in the past 21 days.

• Determine any and all contractors, suppliers, EHC employees and other individuals that may have been exposed. Then these will be notified as to their potential exposure. Extreme care will be exercised to maintain the anonymity of the suspected infected person.

• Make a preliminary determination regarding jobsite quarantine during screening/testing of the suspected infected person.

• After receiving confirmation from screening/testing (negative, positive, presumed positive) these results will be shared with all previously identified affected persons and companies.

• Make a final determination regarding jobsite quarantine as outlined above.

• All decisions regarding reopening of jobsites and re-admittance of individuals and companies to the jobsite will be made by EHC Management and the EHC Health & Safety Director.

This Action Plan and its contents are subject to change by EHC Management at any time for any reason at EHC Management’s sole discretion or in response to federal, state or local governments or at the request or direction of an EHC client. Thank you for your cooperation as we try to contain this virus and protect each other.


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