“This groundbreaking ceremony not only symbolized the physical construction of a new building,” said Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Barbaree, “But it represents limitless possibilities that lie ahead for our students. It is a testament to our unwavering belief in the power of education and our commitment to providing our students with the best opportunities to succeed.”


Listening to Dr. Barbaree, Mayor Shirley Washington and other Pine Bluff High School alumni speak so passionately about the new Pine Bluff High School has made me proud to know that East Harding Construction will be managing the project from start to finish with the highest level of dedication, commitment and care. Such an important project deserves only the best!
1st Photo (left to right):
Gold shovels in hand, Clayton Vaden, Lewis Architects Engineers; Shawn Carroll, Partner, Sr. VP-Operations, East Harding Construction; Van Tilbury, Partner, President & CEO, East Harding Construction; Dr. Jennifer Barbaree, Superintendent, Pine Bluff School District; Dr. Sederick Rice, President, Pine Bluff School Board, along with other school board members broke ground at Pine Bluff High School commemorating the beginning of a new era of education and a new state of the art educational facility.