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East Harding Construction

is recognized as Arkansas’ Renovation Specialist.

50% of our projects

annually are renovations. We have completely renovated 24 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

We have been awarded

consistently by the Arkansas Preservation Alliance for our expertise in historic renovation.

Our experience tells us

that a renovation is often much more complex than new construction.

Our team understands

the value of forensic investigation of an existing building to determine its structural integrity,

to assess

its HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems,

to evaluate

the condition of its roof, windows and “building envelope” for weatherproofing,

to assess

the condition of its existing interior finishes and other equipment and systems in relation to the desired scope of the renovation.

This information

is valuable not only to our client and but also helps the architect and engineers as they develop their scopes of work.

We are also skilled

at identifying any potentially hazardous materials and will advise the client accordingly and involve an abatement company as needed.

For East Harding Construction,

renovations are part of our DNA.


There is no “one size fits all” method to construction delivery. Each project faces a unique and often complex set of circumstances. East Harding offers professional construction services through a variety of contracting methods, about 30% of our projects are delivered using the lump sum bid (or “hard bid”) delivery method.  Our success at earning and delivering on every milestone of a lump sum bid project means that we deliver more value to our client for less money than our competitors.

Before we ask a potential client to consider us for a project, we ask ourselves if we are certain we can provide not just an adequate, but an uncommon level of attention to our clients and to their total satisfaction. It is only when we are completely confident we can do so that we will ask a client to entrust their project to us.

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