Safety is our #1 Priority!

We have a detailed safety program which includes a site specific safety plan for every project, environmentally hazardous materials program, worker safety, and public safety that is managed daily by our Site Superintendent with a weekly safety inspection by our Health & Safety Director.

We help achieve client satisfaction by ensuring that our employees have a challenging career in a secure and safe work environment with the proper training, equipment and industry-leading technology to do their work properly.

  • All East Harding employees and subcontractors’ employees must attend a safety orientation prior to mobilization, and attend weekly safety ‘toolbox’ meetings.
  • All employees and visitors must observe our 100% usage policy for Hard Hats, Safety Glasses and Boots on all our job sites.
  • All employees are subject to our Zero Tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol.
  • East Harding is a long term participant in the Arkansas Drug Free Workplace Program.

All employees are drug tested prior to employment, as well as randomly throughout the year and upon suspicion, and as standard operating procedure if there is an accident of any kind.

To meet client requirements for security, we conduct pre-employment background checks on all employees and renew each annually.

East Harding has developed an Infectious Disease Action Plan and implemented those protocols on every job site.

Our clients also benefit directly from our safety program because we can offer a safe and drug-free workforce that is more productive and dependable, resulting in a lower cost of doing business.

If you think more of your construction funding should actually go into the building you want to construct, you will find in East Harding a construction company that thinks like you.

That is Client Focused Construction…Providing more for less.


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