Stand Down for Safety

East Harding Construction is proud to have participated in OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down. On Friday, May 7th, East Harding held a four hour safety seminar on fall protection with demonstrations on harness safety by 3M. Our Project Managers and Superintendents presented different aspects of Fall Safety Protocols and Falling Object Safety Protocols, including the use of guard rails, ladders, netting and toe boards, just to name of few.


Safety is vital to our industry and a hallmark of the East Harding culture.

EHC has a detailed safety program which includes a site specific safety plan for every project, environmentally hazardous materials program, worker safety, and public safety that is managed daily by our Site Superintendent with a weekly safety inspection by our Safety Director.  We help achieve client satisfaction by ensuring that our employees have a challenging career in a secure and safe work environment with the proper training, equipment and industry-leading technology to do their work properly.

All East Harding employees and subcontractors’ employees must attend a safety orientation prior to mobilization, and attend weekly safety ‘toolbox’ meetings.

All employees and visitors must observe our 100% usage policy for Hard Hats, Safety Glasses and Boots on all our job sites.

All employees are subject to our Zero Tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol.

East Harding is a long term participant in the Arkansas Drug Free Workplace Program. 

Special thanks to Nathan Kerr, Field Operations Manager/Safety Director for coordinating such an important event.